Crown Battery’s lineup of commercial heavy-duty equipment batteries deliver uncompromising power. With heavy-duty outboard lug and framed plates, rugged through-the-partition inner-cell connections, heavy-duty cast-on straps and envelope separators, Crown commercial batteries de-liver reliable high performance starting and reserve power. Combine that with our maintenance-free design and you have a battery that’s going to last longer and perform like no other. 

Product Name
Weight (kg)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Total Height (mm)
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CROWN CR8D1400 CROWN 12V 1400 CCA COMMERCIAL STARTING BATTERY 60 12 1400 524 278 254 254 Login to add to cart
CROWN CR1640 CROWN 670CCA COMMERCIAL STARTING BATTERY 14 6 640 231 176 222 222 Login to add to cart
CROWN CR31ASD1000 CROWN 1000 CCA COMMERCIAL STARTING BATTERY 28 12 1000 330 171 240 240 Login to add to cart

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