YHI Sustainability Policy


YHI (New Zealand) Ltd represents YHI International Limited in the New Zealand automotive and energy supply industry, supplying wheels, batteries and tyres to the automotive aftermarket and batteries and other equipment to the energy supply market.

YHI (New Zealand) Ltd has adopted sustainability as a key component of the way we operate and conduct our business.  Included in our sustainability program are our staff, customers, suppliers, local community and the environment.

Our sustainability commitments for 2017 include:

• Annually report our sustainability and environmental performance
• Maintain Eco Warranty certification standard for the Auckland Office
• Continue to be committed to prevention of pollution and to comply with all environmental laws and regulations
• Continue to excel with our Kaizen and 5S initiatives
• Assist our local community by providing staff with one day volunteer leave
• Provide electric vehicle charging point at our Auckland premises
• Work with local and overseas suppliers to ensure they have sustainable business practices
• Review our environmental objectives annually
• Continue sustainable procurement practices
• Continue to induct new staff to our environmental practices and reinforce to existing staff the importance of continuing these practices

We are committed to integrating sustainability into all aspects of our business for the benefit of our business, stakeholders and the environment.


Chris Talbot

Managing Director YHI (New Zealand) Ltd

Dated:  15 December 2016