Planned Preventative Maintenance


Benning has been manufacturing DC Power systems since the 1960’s. This experience helps to provide a solid base for Benning Australia’s Service of Benning Equipment.

Planned Preventative Maintenance is organized to fit into our Customers operational and environmental requirements and ensures as little time as possible is required for the work.

Why Planned Preventative Maintenance?
Benning DC equipment is of very high quality, with best possible components utilized and a high Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). The main reason for equipment failure is component ageing during normal operation and component failure due to external events (often recurring) such as power surges, spikes, brown outs, sags, etc due to operation of electrical equipment. Other factors can include lack of maintenance and cleaning of fans, filters and internal electronic components on a regular basis when in a dirty environment.

Planned Preventative Maintenance programme. 
The frequency for each PPM depends on the age of the Benning equipment and the working environment. Tough conditions such as dust, humidity and extremes of ambient temperature can significantly shorten the equipment’s expected lifetime, more frequent PPM can then reduce component failure and repairs and equipment replacement intervals. A programme is developed for each site based on site specific requirements.

PPM work is carried out by Registered Electricians, trained and conversant with all aspects of the maintenance and repair of Benning equipment. Benning Australia  is happy to have PPM staff safety certified to work in Customer Sites to Customer requirements.


For further Information on YHI’s PPM Service or to obtain a quotation for your site please