Nobody builds them like Crown. Nobody. Because no one else invests in the heaviest, thickest plates in the industry. Ours are over 10% thicker than our competitors. Combine that with our proprietary PROeye™ and our low-maintenance container – features that make battery maintenance predictable and efficient – and you’ve got a battery that’s going to last longer and perform like no other.


    Heat-sealed Case and Cover Design

    Rigid Connectors - Heavy-duty TTP, COS and Post connectors deliver maximum electrical efficiency and durability.

    X-TEND Container Design - X-Tend provides more electrolyte above the battery plates so batteries can perform longer between watering intervals, lowering preventive maintenance costs and improving overall ROI on your Crown Battery purchase.

    Heavy-Duty Construction - Crown deep cycle batteries are the heavyweight of the industry. More weight means more lead, which translates into a battery that will work and last longer.

    PROeye™ - No mess, no guess system for inspecting electrolyte levels that signals when watering is required.

    Posi-Wrap™ Envelope Separators - Posi-Wrap Separators reduce maintenance and prevent failure due to short-circuiting and plate shredding, ensuring reliability and durability.

    Z3 Plate Construction - Crown’s Z3 design combines three integrated features for superior performance and durability.

    Our signature “Diamond Z” grid architecture

    An inset lug position

    Our revolutionary “LifePlus™” active paste material

    Product Name
    Weight (kg)
    Length (mm)
    Width (mm)
    Height (mm)
    Total Height (mm)
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    S CROWN CR260 CROWN 6V 260AH DEEP CYCLE BATTERY 35 6 260 20H 260 179 269 295 Login to add to cart
    CROWN CR350 CROWN 6V 350AH DEEP CYCLE BATTERY 51 6 350 20H 314 183 359 410 Login to add to cart
    CROWN CR165 CROWN 8V 165AH DEEP CYCLE BATTERY 29 8 165 20H 262 181 283 283 Login to add to cart
    CROWN CR205 CROWN 6V 205AH DEEP CYCLE BATTERY 30 6 205 20H 260 179 278 278 Login to add to cart
    CROWN CR220 CROWN 6V 220AH DEEP CYCLE BATTERY 30 6 220 20H 260 179 278 278 Login to add to cart
    CROWN CR27DC115 CROWN 12V 115AH DEEP CYCLE BATTERY 27 12 115 20H 326 171 238 238 Login to add to cart
    CROWN CR31DC130 CROWN 12V 130AH DEEP CYCLE BATTERY 30 12 130 20H 334 175 238 238 Login to add to cart

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