YHI ( New Zealand) Limited Sustainability Report - December 2017

CEO Statement

Sustainability plays a key role in the mindset and functioning of YHI (New Zealand) Ltd.

In our selection of products that are safe, offer longevity to New Zealand consumers and that are packaged with readily recyclable materials.

In the reduction of the environmental footprint of our operations.

In the creation of economic wellbeing for our staff and in our support of the local community.

In our support of power products that offer clean energy generation.


Organisational Profile

YHI (New Zealand) Ltd is owned by YHI International Ltd and The Talbot Family Trust.  There are six branches of YHI (New Zealand) Ltd across the country: Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.  Staff totalling 79 nationwide make up the YHI family.


YHI (New Zealand) Ltd has three distinct product groups, Tyres, Wheels & Power:

The primary brands in the tyre group are: Achilles, Nankang, Pirelli, Neuton and Nitto

The primary brands in the wheel group are: Advanti, Konig, Enkei and Raceline

The primary brands in the power group are: Vision, Trina, Neuton, Eaton, Enphase, SolaX, Crown, Rolec and Delta



Governance Structure and Practices

YHI (New Zealand) Ltd is governed by a board or directors comprising Managing Director Chris Talbot, and YHI International Ltd board members Tay Tian Hoe and Tay Tiang Guan.

YHI International Ltd is listed on the main board of the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Governance is supplemented by both internal and external audits.



Mission Statement

 At YHI, our aim is to continuously provide our customers with quality products and distinctive customer services so as to build strong customer relationships. We also aim to provide growth and opportunities for our employees and to consistently generate stable returns to our shareholders. We will achieve these goals through our organisation-wide commitment to quality, professionalism, management, sound business practices and teamwork.



Core values

·       Teamwork

·       Mutual Respect

·       Integrity & Honesty

·       Commitment

·       Customer Focus

·       Innovation

·       Continuous Improvement




YHI (New Zealand) Ltd, all New Zealand operations.

Reporting period: January 2017 – December 2017

Economic Performance

Economic contribution to New Zealand includes operational costs paid to NZ companies, staff earnings, tax, GST, ACC, community donations.             

Environmental Performance

At YHI (New Zealand) Ltd we have a strong focus towards the importance of reducing our environmental impacts.

As an ‘Eco Warranty’ certified company we maintain procedures and policies that ensure any environmental risks are captured and reduced, or where possible, eliminated.  We are externally audited on an annual basis to maintain our certification.

Key Achievements:

  • Installation of solar power generation to our Auckland building in October 2014
  • Installation of Beehives on site to help grow the urban bee population
  • Reduction of general waste by 25% during first two years
  • Reduction in general waste of a further 15% in 2017
  • Installation of electric vehicle charging point at our Auckland office
  • Lease 2x electric vehicles as part of our fleet
  • Use of electric forklifts to reduce emissions
  • Installation of pallet wrapping machine to reduce plastic wrap useage
  • Induction and training of staff and gaining their ‘buy in’ to environmental practices
  • Re-use of paper that has only been printed on one side
  • Introduction of a paperless fax (straight to email)
  • Printer toner recycling program


Points to note

- All rubbish leaving YHI is sorted, recycled when possible, and general waste kept to an absolute minimum. Any concern about the need to dispose of any products from our inventory is addressed as follows:

  • Scrap Tyres – These are collected by Tyre Removals Ltd and are recycled

  • Scrap Batteries – These are collected by CMA Recycling and are recycled

  • Scrap Alloy Wheels – These are collected by CMA Recycling and are recycled

- Any visitor to YHI Auckland office is welcome to charge their electric vehicle from our charging point.

- YHI will continue to report and review our environmental objectives annually.



Social Performance (staff, community)


YHI (New Zealand) Ltd has a nationwide distribution network an employs 79 staff;
Auckland - This is our head office and the largest of our warehouses, and is the workplace for 49 staff.
Hamilton - Smaller sales and warehousing operation with 6 staff
Tauranga - Smaller sales and warehousing operation with 4 staff
Wellington - Small branch with 6 staff
Christchurch - Our second largest office and warehouse, 10 staff operate from our Christchurch branch.
Dunedin - Smaller sales and warehousing operation with 4 staff

• We experience a relatively low turnover.
• A handful of staff have grown with the business over the last 10 years or more.
• 86% of our staff are men, 14% are women. 
• Our staff are a mix of ages and races.

Staff are appraised annually, allotted training hours if required, and benefits reviewed.
YHI (New Zealand) Ltd are committed to equal opportunity employment practices and non-discrimination.

- Health & Safety is paramount at YHI.  A full Health & Safety systems upgrade was completed in 2013.  The Health & Safety committee meet monthly to discuss and review all sites. There were no major accidents recorded at YHI during 2017. 

- All staff members participate in 5S & Kaizen initiatives.  YHI (New Zealand) Ltd won the “Best 5S & Kaizen” company award for both 2013 and 2014 for the YHI worldwide distribution network.  Our staff are encouraged to contribute their great ideas to improve our work environment, increase efficiency, reduce our environmental impact and waste and create a cycle of continuous improvement within the business and the staff.




  • YHI sponsor ‘Hershey’, a horse for Riding for the Disabled at Totara Park
  • We have beehives on site to help grow the urban bee population
  • Staff at the YHI Auckland office regularly donate blood to the NZ Blood Service
  • YHI (New Zealand) Ltd makes regular contributions to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Trust and local community activities
  • All staff can enjoy one days paid leave per year to volunteer in the community
  • In November 2014, 2015 & 2016 YHI (New Zealand) Ltd sponsored the “Winter Woolies” 4WD event to raise money for Variety - The Children’s Charity
  • In 2017 we were involved with Poppy Day in April by making a donation and in addition gathering further donation collections for 100 poppies
  • YHI participated in ‘Movember’ 2015 and raised $1205.00 for men’s health