C&D Tubular GEL (OPzV) Series range of valve regulated lead acid stationary batteries combine the benefits of recombination technology (i.e. virtually no maintenance due to very low gas emissions) plus the advantages of conventional vented batteries with positive tubular plates (i.e. long life and excellent cycling capability).


Design life: 15 Years

Tubular Positive Plate - Special grid construction, pressure cast from antimony free alloy, with highly porous gauntlets that retain the active material. 

Pasted negative plate - service lives consistent with the positive plates

Separators - extremely high porosity and low internal resistance

Electrolyte - Gel Structure 

Containers and lids - Made of plastic (ABS) material. 

Cells are normally installed in an upright position on steel stands

One way relief value - opens at low pressure and is fitted with a flame arrestor device

Telecommunication systems

Uninterruptible power systems

Electric power systems

Control equipment

Medical equipment

Fire & security systems

Solar systems

Wind energy systems

Other standby, cyclic and outdoor applications


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C&D CD2420TGEL C&D 2-420T GEL OPZV BATTERY 36 2 420 10H 145 206 471 496 Login to add to cart
C&D CD2800TGEL C&D 2-800T GEL OPZV BATTERY 65 2 800 10H 210 191 664 669 Login to add to cart

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