The Cyclad Intelligent Load Unit is an advanced purely resistive load system with voltage, current and temperature sensors bonded to a fan cooled heatsink. This unit can dissipate the heat from very large loads without significantly impacting room temperature. 

 The unit performs a short duration, high current, battery test on DC battery banks. It records minimum voltages and other test parameters to determine the stability of the battery voltage, and provide a simple pass/fail test result.

If battery voltages fall below recommended minimums during testing, the batteries are failing. If the batteries fail a subsequent series of tests, replacement should be considered. 

General Features

  •  Assesses battery bank voltage stability. 

  • High current, short duration load test. 

  • Wide range of load operating voltages. 

  • Additional Cyclad Slave units stackable to increase to any required load. 

  • Cyclad master unit control's all Cyclad slave units 

  • Testing can be performed in less than 30 seconds. 

  • Test result history (LOG) can be downloaded to PC file 

  • Remote automatic testing available. 

  • Small footprint, high density thermal design. 

  • Mains powered controller and cooling system.


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