Delta Industrial Ethernet Products and Solutions (IES)

Adapting to the diversity of network communication applications, Delta’s IES series industrial Ethernet products and solutions offer an abundant selection with excellent quality in compact and durable designs. From Ethernet switches, IEEE 802.11 wireless communication, mobile wireless communication, serial device servers to protocol gateways, the IES series ensures you precise and stable data transmission among devices. It guarantees a seamless device integration that satisfies critical system applications in industrial environments.


Industrial Ethernet Switches

Tailoring to industrial applications that require highly reliable network systems, Delta's DVS series managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches provide better system performance with functions such as the redundant self-healing ring, high-end layer 2 management, and a wide-operating temperature from -40°C to 75°C. The EMC noise immunity complies with IEC standards and attains a high level 3/4. The intuitive design of the operating interface provides users with easy access and convenience.


Wireless IEEE 802.11

Delta helps users construct a reliable industrial wireless network by the WLAN products compatible with multiple communication protocols, such as IEEE 802.11 a/n in 5GHz or IEEE 802.11 b/g/n in 2.4GHz. Adopting Multiple-input and Multiple-output (MIMO) technology enables the network bandwidth reach 450Mbps. Delta WLAN products support multiple wireless connectors, including wireless access points, WDS, and clients for easy and economical construction of wireless LANs. The built-in 3-in-1 serial ports directly connect to industrial controllers, saving the effort and cost of cable connection. The built-in gateway for MODBUS, the most common industrial communication protocol, converts MODBUS Serial to MODBUS TCP, seamlessly interconnecting the existing equipment with the Ethernet communication network.


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