Delta's Active Power Filter APF2000 is your key to a clean grid for more efficient production. It adopts the industry's highest standard 32-bit digital microprocessor to instantly compensate for all types of harmonics for ultimate power quality improvement. The APF2000 is compact in design and provides flexible installation methods for users to efficiently manage their space. It is also mounted with Delta's 65, 536-color TFT HMI for more realistic images and a vivid display. Delta's APF2000 is the best solution for harmonic distortion, voltage and current distortion, reactive power loss and load imbalances. Improve your power quality, lower energy loss and lower your maintenance costs with Delta's Active Power Filter APF2000. 


General Features

  • Optimized Ventilation Design
  • Hardware Modularized Design
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Control
  • Built-in High Voltage Lightning Protection Module
  • Standard Power Input with Hardware Protection


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